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Amerikaanse Burgers, "Towering Over Utrecht"

Walking down the main drag of Utrecht, the tower just sort of appears. (click photo for story)

"Venetian Take-out", Venice, Italy

We were hesitant when we saw Trattoria alla Rivetta. We were desperately hungry and it looked cozy, but it also had some warning signs. (click photo for story)

"A Typical Wedding", Cuzco, Peru

Most people I chatted with asked if we had children and, on hearing that we didn’t, asked, “Why not?” (click photo for story)

Amerikaanse Burgers' "The Museum Card"

The Museum Card is a typically Dutch invention. (click photo for story)    

Amerikaanse Burgers' "The Perils of Overconfidence"

Like many New Yorkers, I thought if I could do it in New York, I could do it anywhere. (click photo for story.)

Amerikaanse Burgers' "The Sound of Silence"

At 8pm on Remembrance Day, the Netherlands stops to observe two minutes of silence. (click photo for story)

"Back to Before," London, U.K.

When I studied in London during university, I fell in love.  I fell in love with the city and with traveling out of the U.S. (click photo for story)

"The Greenest Pond," Texas

The night we arrived in Austin, a blizzard hit back home.  (click photo for story)

"Around the Bend" Hout Bay, South Africa

Just south of Cape Town is Hout Bay, a tiny green inlet with an eponymous market. (click photo for story)

American Burgers' "Breaking the Ice"

The first time Shea and I visited Amsterdam, we discovered De Ysebreeker. (click photo for story)

"The Path Towards Engagement," Rockefeller Preserve, New York

The Rockefeller State Preserve is a trail-crossed park 45 minutes north of New York City. (click photo for story)

"Laguna Beach Art" Orange County, California

When we have short trips with dear friends, we don’t explore much.  We’re content to follow our friends’ suggestion... (click photo for story)

"The Loudest Sunrise", Tambopata Reserve, Peru

The Amazon jungle is as rich in noise as it is in plants.  When the night takes away the colors and creature sightings... (click photo for story)

"A View From Serendipity", Wilderness, South Africa

We didn’t know what to expect from Serendipity, a bed and breakfast at the eastern edge of the Garden Path known for its decadent meals.  (click photo for story)

"Baboons Make a Misleading First Impression", Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

On our first full day in South Africa, we drove down to the Cape of Good Hope.  Our Cape Towner host had casually mentioned that we’d probably see animals roving around, so when she looked ahead and asked us to make sure the car doors were locked, my stomach dropped.  (click photo for story) 

"A Date at the Peacock Café", San Marcos Café, Madrid, New Mexico

Madrid, New Mexico, is a former ghost town turned hippie hangout in the desert between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. (click photo for story)

"The Lying Tombstone," Washington DC

The Congressional Cemetery is far from the heart of Washington DC.  (click photo for story)

"Peacocking Around," South Africa

We returned to Aquila after an eventful safari to see the sole peacock strutting around with his tail flared.  It was a stunning display of vibrant greens and blues.  A nearby staffer told us that peacocks display their tails for seduction or to ward off a rival. (click photo for story)

"Death Valley," California

There are warnings on every map and website to Death Valley. Carry lots of extra water in your car.  Make sure your car is in good shape and you have a spare tire.  Don’t follow your GPS if it leads you off the road. (click photo for story)

"Bee-yoo-tee-full" Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

We only had a day in Sydney, a small harbor town on Cape Breton Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. (click photo for story)

"The Disappearing Rescuer" Arequipa, Peru

To research Arequipa, we read about its literary heritage, the ice maiden of Ampato, and its historic convents.  We should've spent a little more time on current events.  (click photo for story)

"The Customer is Rarely Right" Albert Cuypmarkt, Amsterdam

Albert Cuypstraat, an Amsterdam street named for a famous painter, is home to an even more renowned street market, Albert Cuypmarkt.  (click photo for story)

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